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 Significant Events In Jewish And World History: The First Temple to Purim.


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Years Before
The Common
2935 825 First Temple completed (3)
2964 796 Split of the kingdom. Kings Rechavam (Judah) and Yeravam (Israel) begin their rule (1)
3021 739 King Achav (Ahab) begins his rule (1)
3061 699 King Yoash (Joash) begins his rule over Yehudah (1)
3100 660 The Prophet Zechariah is assassinated in the Temple (3)
3115 645 King Uzziah begins his rule over Yehudah (1)
3199 561 King Chizkiyahu (Hezekiah) begins his rule over Yehudah (1)
3205 555 Exile of the Ten Tribes to Assyria (1)
3213 547 Miraculous destruction of Sancherev's (Sennacherib) army at the gates of Jerusalem (3)
3285 475 King Yoshiyahu (Josiah) begins his rule over Yehudah (1)
3298 462 Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) begins prophesy (1)
3327 433 King Tzidkiyahu (Zedekiah) begins his rule over Yehudah (1)
3332 428 Yechezkail (Ezekiel) begins prophesy (1)
3338 422 First Temple destroyed - Babylonian exile (1)
3390 370 Koresh (Cyrus) permits return to Israel (1)
3404 356 PURIM MIRACLE (Downfall of Haman, etc.) (1)
3405 355 Purim war and victory (1)

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