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 Significant Events In Jewish And World History: The Second Destruction Through Rashi.


Events in Bold Type are illustrated on the Time Line Display Of Jewish History


3833 73 "P'tirah" (Death) of Raban Yochanan Ben Zakai. Fall of Massadah (3,2)
3840 80 Leadership of Rabbi Akiva (Akiba) begins (3)
3853 93 Josephus completes writing "Jewish Antiquities" (2)
3880 120 Rebellion of Bar Kochbah (3)
3910 150 Leadership of Rebbi Yehudah Hanasi begins (3)
3979 219 MISHNA COMPILED "P'tirah" (Death) of Rebbi Yehudah Hanasi.
4066 306 Constantine the Great begins his rule.He establishes Christianity as the state religion of the Roman Empire (2)
4085 325 Council of Nicea (Christians begin to celebrate Sabbath on Sunday. etc.) (2)
4118 358 Hillel II establishes a permanent Jewish calendar (3)
4128 368 Jerusalem Talmud compiled (3)
4186 426 "P'tirah" (Death) of Rav Ashi. Babylonian Talmud compiled (3,1)
4236 476 Leadership of Rav Yosi begins (Period of Rabanan Saburai begins). Fall of Rome and beginning of Byzantine rule over Eretz Yisrael (Israel) (3,2)
4349 589 Leadership of Rav Chanan begins (Period of Gaonim begins) (3)
4374 614 Jewish revolt and brief rule in Jerusalem (2)
4382 622 Hegira - Mohammed flees from Mecca to Medina -Islam (2)
4398 638 Islamic conquest of Jerusalem (2)
4430 670 "P'tirah" (Death) of Bustenai the Exilarch. Kairouan is founded (approximate dates) (2)
4451 691 Caliph Abdul Malik completes "Dome of the Rock" on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (2)
4471 711 Islamic conquest of Spain begins (2)
4500 740 Conversion of the Khazars (approximate dates) (2)
4527 767 Anan Ben David founds the Karaite sect (2)
4574 814 Death of Charlemagne (2)
4640 880 Eldad Ha-Dani arrives at Kairouan (approximate date) (2)
4687 927 Leadership of Rav Sa'adia Gaon begins (3)
4730 970 "P'tirah" (Death) of Chasdai Ib'n Shaprut (2)
4797 1037 "P'tirah" (Death) of Rav Hai Gaon. Period of Gaonim ends (3)
4800 1040 BIRTH OF "RASHI". "P'tirah" (Death) of Rabenu Gershom (Germany). Period of Rishonim begins (3)

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